A Quiet Voice - A Powerful Message

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Motivational Speaker, Les Brown endorsed Grace LaJoy:

"That poem, I Forgive You just resonated in my spirit..."

From Pastor Milton Turner, Mount Hermon Christian Church:

"The day that I heard her poem He's Worth It, I was ready to give up on a child; but, God used the words of that poem to
minister to me that day."

Carolyn Topping, Retired Educator, remarked:

 "Grace, your life story touched me greatly."


“I am convinced that God does not allow us to go through trials and temptations for nothing; nor does He allow us to fall into sin for our own personal fulfillment, or just to be judged by others; but so that we can come out a stronger, more mature witness for Him and so that others might be blessed, healed and delivered through our testimony.”  ~Dr. Grace LaJoy


“God can do anything, at anytime, through anybody.”  ~Dr. Grace LaJoy  

A Gifted Child in Foster Care

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Dr. Grace LaJoy has a PhD in Christian Counseling and has  experience working with at-risk children and their families.  She is the author of over twenty books and currently speaks and conducts workshops and classes for youth and adults; in secular and Christian settings. 

Not a stranger to hardship, Dr. LaJoy’s passion to empower others comes from her personal experience as a foster child.  She has even written a book about her life in which she shares her adversities and how she overcame them all.  Her book, entitled A Gifted Child in Foster Care: A Story of Resilience, has been placed on the recommended reading list for Missouri Children’s Division employees.  Missouri foster parents in the Northern Region can receive two credit hours for reading the book.  Having been a teen mother and raising two children as a single parent, Grace understands and can relate to the needs and concerns of others who may be struggling.  She has been featured in newspapers, radio, and television (FOX 4 News and TBN's Praise the Lord).

To appreciate Dr. LaJoy’s words today, you must understand the path that brought her to her mission.  Grace LaJoy was the youngest of six children. By age two, her mother left the family - never to return. At age seven, her father left the state for work, leaving her and her siblings behind in a house alone. Promises were made to send money each week, but in short order they found themselves in a house with no heat, no water, no food and no lock on the door! Grace spent the next three years in foster care.

She was reunited with her father at age ten, but still knew many struggles. The experience did not make her bitter. Instead she was grateful to her father for teaching her at a young age how to take care of herself. At age thirteen, her creative writing talents began to mature and receive recognition … although she did not yet recognize it for herself.

Despite regularly attending several churches while her family traveled from place to place, Grace still had not truly developed a relationship with God. By age 17, she found herself unmarried and pregnant with her first child. Eventually, she truly gave her life to God with all her heart and with all she did … willing to accept his decisions and calling for her.

Because of her own path to God, Dr. Grace LaJoy knows that others may be struggling in their lives and in their personal journey.  Her past is what shaped her present mission - to educate, motivate, inspire and minister. Her words do not judge and lecture … but they are honest,  based on Biblical fact, and a source of healing and deliverance.  Her keynote speaking is extremely powerful and demonstrates the ability to overcome tragedy by recognizing and using your individual gifts. Hers is a quiet voice with a powerful, inspiring message.